* Project (more than one file)

  • - Ability to create/delete/rename new project (DateTime as required prefix for storage so not possible to collide with anyone elses project)
  • - Rename project
  • - Project settings (last selected assembler)
  • share between users (email?)
  • - Privilegies for project per user (read, write)
  • - Switch between projects
  • - Disable save for default project
  • - Select assembler for project
  • - Save project
  • - Create new file
  • - Delete file
  • - Save last position in editor for when opening it up again
  • - Tabs for "open" files
  • - File explorer (jqueryfiletree)
  • - Upload files (restricted to certain formats such as .chr, .s, .asm)
  • - support to switch emulator between cycloajs, nesbox & jsnes as cycloajs is pretty unfinished
* mute audio settings to send into emulator when it's started, should work for flash-version also
* Sprite viewer (.chr viewer and maybe editor?!) similar to nes node js.
* Fix buggy file exploder left to right animate. (left works fine)
* Check input in cycloajs and jsnes to allow you set keys yourself and perhaps support gamepads!
* Download project as zip
* Export & download project as .NES
* Require login in order to be able to save projects n changes and shit
* Create register form
* Read projects from database
* Maybe make a preloader screen while the assembler editor is being loaded
* Support NESHLA

Level Editor
* Insert level editor into main
* Save to .asm (output tile and attribute data)
* Palette selection for each 16x16 section
- Note to self: 1 byte per 16x16 pixels to represent which tile palette it should use out of the 4 avaialble palettes.
* Multiple tile selection (max 64x64 pixels aka 8x8?)
* Show selected tile(s)
* A hover on level editor which shows which tile you are hovering
* Grid which shows attribute data
* Allow making many scrolling screens
* Allow compression
* Meta tile edit

Low prio
* Start JSNES only when emulator is fired rather than page load :)

Peace out - Elrinth