Last update: 2015-04-29

A friend recently pepped me about doing a joint project. He said he wanted to develop NES and I thought: "I do too!". The reason this site exists is because I realized that the online NES emulators started getting pretty good. They would run most of the Nerdy Nights sample codes. So I decided to make a page where I could code NES assembler, hit a run button and it'd play in the online emulator with the changes. If anyone else wishes to use it, it's great! :)

The emulators I'm using for this project are:
- CycloaJS
- JSNes
- NesBox (requires flash approval)
- NesNes
- EM-FCEUX - currently unimplemented
- Nezulator - currently unimplemented
- FaithJS
- WebNES - currently unimplemented

I prefer CycloaJS as it's 100% JS and don't require flash, however it barely supports any mappers.

To get line numbers & colours for the assembler code, I'm using something called Ace. I simply copied the x86 assembler mode, and renamed it to 6502. There's no changes whatsoever to the code right now, but I guess there might be some in the future.
It doesn't understand #$006F as a number as it contains a letter, however #$0022 will work fine.
There's probably alot of improvements to make the coding as nice as possible, but I'm not an expert at regexp so I'll be lazy and just let it be like it is... :)
Oh, another spiffy feature is auto-complete! CTRL+SPACE and it can help autocomplete for you.

Selecting assembler is very early development, right now only asm6, ca65 and nesasm have their syntax properly written.
But I guess I'll try to support NESHLA in the future when someone nagz enough about it. :)

There's alot of features to come, look @ the TODO to see what's coming.

I haven't really made it perfect for everyone, so if anyone have idea for changes please mail me about that. I don't know about hardware requirements, but I know it works fine on my 4770K :P
I think I also tested it on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and it worked. But unsure :D

Supported browsers:

My email incase you wonder anything: nickname @ gmail .com

Peace out - Elrinth